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Development, Programming & DevOps

All about software development, including development operations, methodologies, programming, con...

LAMP Stack Upgrade Issues

Linux Server Software

"Table Doesn't Exists" After MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade Paste MySQL data directory to upgraded data d...

Standard Procedures for CakePHP Application Deployment

Linux Software Development

1. Clone Source File git clone <git url> 2. Setup Database mysql -uroot -p create d...

Standard Installation Procedures for LAMP Stack on CentOS 7

Linux Server Software

1. System Upgrade yum -y update 2. Install Required Software yum -y install git policycoreu...

Standard CentOS Workstation Setup

Linux System

Install GUI (MATE Desktop) sudo yum install epel-release sudo yum groupinstall 'X Window Syste...

Postfix and Dovecot Configuration

Linux Server Software

Installation hostnamectl set-hostname mail.<domain>.<tld> yum -y install postfix ...

CentOS Installation Issues

Linux System

HP Microserver Gen 7 Kernel Panic on Boot (Both Live USB and New Installation) Add the followin...

Changing Default S2RAM to USWSUSP Suspend Module

Linux System

If you have any issues to suspend your laptop e.g. suspend command doesn't work on your laptop, t...

Fixing Incorrect Lid State by Hacking DSDT

Linux System

When I install a Linux distro to my VAIO notebook, I found that there is an annoying bug with the...

E: [pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to load module "module-equalizer-sink" (argument: ""): initialization failed.

Linux Sound

Symtoms Starting pulseaudio will forever Establishing connection, pulseaudio -v will reveal the...

Setup SFTP to Public Directory (/var/www)

Linux Networking

Configuring SSH for SFTP vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config Comment the following line: Subsystem sf...

LVM Extending from New Physical Volume

Linux Storage

Create new physical volume from new partition Use fdisk utility to create new partition pvcre...

Syncing Files with FTP

Linux Networking

I came across a problem when doing migration last time, the server grew too big that I cannot jus...

Useful PHP Codes

Development, Programming & DevOps PHP, Javascript & HTML

Increment a Date by Month, Day or Year Increment by month $time = strtotime("2014-12-11")...

Patching with Git

Development, Programming & DevOps Git and SVN

Creating a Patch Patch for Working Copy (Not Committed) git diff > patch.diff Patch from on...

How to do Everything in MySQL/MariaDB

Development, Programming & DevOps MySQL / MariaDB & MongoDB

Useful Tricks Convert a Column to Uppercase UPDATE table_name SET column_name = UPPER( column_n...

Setup for Remote Access

Development, Programming & DevOps MySQL / MariaDB & MongoDB

Grant Privileges GRANT ALL ON <database>.* TO <user>@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '<pa...

Standard PHP/JS/HTML Procedures

Development, Programming & DevOps PHP, Javascript & HTML

Updating PHPUnit to Version 3.7 sudo mv /opt/lampp/lib/php/PHPUnit /opt/lampp/lib/php/

Using LetsEncrypt for OpenVPN WebSSL

Linux Networking

Using letsencrypt for OpenVPN Access Server is nothing more than symlinking the files to letsencr...

Migrating Self-Signed SSL Certificate to LetsEncrypt Certificate

Linux Server Software

Download Let's Encrypt Client sudo -s git clone /op...

Checklists & Cheatsheets

All kinds of checklists and cheatsheets

Everything About APIs

Development, Programming & DevOps

Solutions and tricks for all types of APIs including Facebook and Google


All about Linux including various configuration procedures, scripts and tips


Windows administration scripts and tricks



Anything that are related to Linux but does not fit into the category of networking, storage, dat...

MySQL / MariaDB & MongoDB

Development, Programming & DevOps

Everything about MySQL / MariaDB and MongoDB

PHP, Javascript & HTML

Development, Programming & DevOps

All about PHP, JS and HTML including its frameworks

Git and SVN

Development, Programming & DevOps

All about Git and SVN


Development, Programming & DevOps

Everything about CSS


Development, Programming & DevOps

All content management system and E-Commerce platform related stuff such as Joomla!, Drupal and W...



Contains everything on Ansible IT automation tool, playbooks and tricks



Linux network troubleshooting and administration



Storage administration and tricks, including LVM, SCSi etc.



Linux system tools, administration and tips

Desktop Environments


Everthing to do about Desktop Environments, including LXDE, XFCE, KDE and Gnome

Software Development


All about software development tricks on Linux



Contains all the script I used for my administration

Server Software


Server software configuration and installation procedures such as Apache, and Postfix



Linux sound problems, configuration and installation

How to do Everything in CakePHP 2.x

Development, Programming & DevOps PHP, Javascript & HTML

Writing Test Case for AuthComponent's login() Function with CakePHP's Mocking $this->controll...