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Scripts - Disable Windows Updates

Clear-Host $WindowsUpdatePath = "HKLM:SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\" $Au...

Playbook - Disable Windows Updates

This playbook will download disable_windows_update.ps1 from a server, reachable by all clients an...

Playbook - Initiate Clamscan on Machines with ClamWin Installed

This playbook will initiate a full scan on all computers using Clamscan that is installed through...

Playbook - Update Windows Machine (Windows Update Disabled)

This playbook will: Modify windows update service to manual in case the machine is set to disab...

Playbook - Clearing Users' Data Files in a Group of Windows Machines

The playbook below will remove all users' data in a computer that belongs in an inventory group. ...

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Contains everything on Ansible IT automation tool, playbooks and tricks


Linux sound problems, configuration and installation

Server Software

Server software configuration and installation procedures such as Apache, and Postfix


Contains all the script I used for my administration

Software Development

All about software development tricks on Linux

Recently Created Books


Windows administration scripts and tricks


All about Linux including various configuration procedures, scripts and tips

Checklists & Cheatsheets

All kinds of checklists and cheatsheets

Development, Programming & DevOps

All about software development, including development operations, methodologies, programming, con...

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